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Clicker Mine Idle Adventure – Tap to dig for gold!

Clicker Mine Idle Adventure or tap to mine for gems in this free mining game!! Sell your gems, earn money, upgrade tools, hire more help and even construct altars!

Upgrade your mining equipment to get more money. Fuse Runes together to improve your pickaxe effectiveness! Earn more jewels per tap, up to double or triple! Multiply your earrings!
Make a business out of your mine. Hire more workers to speed up the process! Accumulate money and see your bank account grow! Get the best clicker games! Can you become the Best Idle Tycoon? Clicker Mine Idle Adventure

Clicker Mine Idle Adventure Main Features

• CLICK or IDLE the mine to earn gems!

• BUY and upgrade pickaxes to mine for better jewels!

• UPGRADE the mine to get more gems and metals per tap!

• USE CRYSTALS! After earring enough money, new opportunities will be presented to you!

• BEGIN tapping again to get crystals, a BONUS!

• USE your crystals on upgrades or save them!

• PLAY the Runes lottery. Only available when you have CRYSTALS!

• FUSE 10 Runes to get a superior Rune!

• COLLECT the Runes and all the Altars in Clicker Idle Tycoon!

• ALTERS unlock fun bonuses!

• FUN and addictive idle clicker app!

• DO YOU like clicker games? BECOME the #1 Clicker Idle Tycoon!

• Beware CLICKER GAMES are very addictive!

• GET READY for the best IDLE GAME!

• BE the best tycoon miner! Tapping is FUN!

Download Clicker Mine Idle Tycoon Idle Tap Game. Play right now.

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