Phone Locator
HushSMS allows you to locate and find your phone from anywhere in the world.*

Media Control with HushSMS

Enjoy a convenient way to control Spotify or favorite media player on your phone right from any browser without having to install any program on your computer.

Ringtone Manager
Whether you left your phone somewhere and forgot to set it to silent or you are misophonic and don’t want to constantly bother your sister to turn down her annoying WhatsApp notification sound: relieve is just one click away!

No need to register. Hush uses your device’s primary account email address to register itself. Just change your default password and you are ready to go.

The security code protects your device from unwanted location or control commands.

* Please note: Hush cannot be used to track unwilling third parties. Hush triggers a notification if a device has been successfully located. Additionally, all locating capabilities will be disabled while Hush is hidden.

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