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Different apps need different configurations and settings. Settings App helps you to switch to different set of settings for your each of your app individually. It includes volume, orientation, network conditions, Bluetooth connection, screen brightness, keep screen awake, etc.

Features of Settings App

You can create a profile for each app. When you launch the app, the corresponding profile will be applied. After that, you can adjust the settings as usual. The profile is to serve as a setting template for your app, and it will only be applied when your app START. Please also set up the default profile. It will be applied when you are running all other apps, and when your screen is off.

Settings App helps you to save time and battery because you do not need to switch off system function manually. You can reduce the brightness of the screen when it is needed, and turn it off again in the default profile. It makes sure you do not forget to turn some power unfriendly features, such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

You can configure the behavior of your app by adjusting the profile in this app. For example, when you are reading the news and watching videos, you might want to adjust to a specific orientation and keep the screen awake.

* Please do not use it with other profile tools to avoid conflict

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